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PPIW_Northside Community Wellness Center

Propel Northside Community Wellness Center provides outreach and programming to Propel students and our Northside Community. Serving as “The Hub” of our neighborhood, providing enrichment, wellness programs, health and social services for all families, educators, community residents and partners. Our goal is to positively impact and bring wellness to every area of a person's life.

Programming Features:

  • Health & Wellness: physical, mental, emotional and social activities, events and support designed to keep families healthy inside and out

  • Parent Education: employment and professional growth opportunities to provide access and resources in support of college and career growth, support services and training to provide families the tools for building and maintaining healthy and functioning families

  • Extended learning opportunity/youth development: mentoring and engaging instruction for youth seeking expanded learning opportunities

  • Family & Community Engagement: social and service opportunities to support the community and its families

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